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Psychotherapist . Facilitator . Creator

The Essential Self

Jodie Davies 

I'm so glad you're here, exploring possibilities.

Im a growing woman like you, in the ever-present dance of vulnerable and powerful, partnering with you to create loving, safe space for your unique growth and care needs. I place profound value in authentic relationship and believe there is rich purpose and healing in women's shared stories. 

My work with women is informed by a powerful personal impulse to contribute to an emotionally empowered culture, to impact womens mental health, embodiment, self actualisation and leadership as a foundation for great change.

I draw from two decades witnessing and supporting women through growth and healing, integrating what I consider to be some of the most essential approaches, practices and therapeutic experiences that women need for their genuine holistic growth, care and thriving.

Read more about my personal and professional
journey below
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Professional Qualifications 

Advanced Dip Holistic Counselling
Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy 

Dip Health Sciences 

Cert Woman-Centered Coaching 

Cert IV Mental Health

Relevant Experience 

  • 15+ years in Private Practice

  • Founder Lilac Tree Womens Wellness

  • Co-Founder Essential Self Women Retreats 

  • Wellness/Therapeutic Group Facilitation Roles in Schools, Workplaces and Community Organisations 


Other Certifications​

  • Certified Meditation - Mindfulness Facilitation

  • Creative - Expressive (Art Therapy) Modalities 

  • Varied Energy Therapy Modalities 

  • Mental Health first Aid

  • First Aid 


Specialties and Approach 

An Integrative Therapeutic Approach -
Holistic, Person-Centered, Emotion-Focused, Somatic 
Creative-Expressive, Cognative-Behavioural, Mindfulness 

Woman Centered Growth

Anxiety/Nervous System Recovery & Care

Emotional Literacy Development

Foundational Growth & Care Capacities 

Creative- Expressive Interventions (Art Therapy)

Trauma Informed Practice 


  • Australian Counselling Association Accredited Education

  • Member Holistic Therapists Australia 

My Growth Story

Can you Relate?

As a naturally sensitive, empathic young person 

I unwittingly developed a powerful focus on the feelings and needs of others, which inevitably evolved into becoming an over-responsible, anxious, people pleasing young adult. I was invisible in this story, to others and myself, and had defined my identity and worth around what I could do for everyone else, but ME.  I was surviving,… JUST,..chronically overwhelmed, resentful, with low self awareness and self esteem, and working very hard to manage an unconscious anxiety condition, trauma and big unfelt feels. 

Reclaiming an Authentic, Supported ME 

became a necessity if I was to be the woman and parent I deeply sensed I could be, that I desperately needed to be. Ultimately it was my willingness to follow this deeper growth impulse, vulnerably, imperfectly, reaching out beyond what I knew and believed about myself, to seek out experiences and the right help for ME, that could support my journey back to my self and what I truly wanted and needed. 

From Overwhelmed to Embodied 

Essential Self Relatin

Becoming truly Present to my WHOLE self, in all her dark and light shades, learning how to welcome past pain and my feeling experience with curiosity, love and compassion was a powerful shift in my process. Discovering the treasure and profound purpose of an empowered, engaged emotional life, has been an essential and rich ground for my growth and care.

My path definitely hasn't been linear

Informed by both great LOVE and LOSS, I've met the same patterns, stories and vulnerable parts of me, over and over again, although thankfully always from a new point of awareness and with a bag full of well earned self care superpowers. As an embodied woman, I openheartedly welcome the (sometimes uncomfortable, but always worthwhile) opportunities to push my growth edges out, to expand into desired possibilities for myself, to experience and express more of ME; endlessly grateful for the deeper knowing and care capacities Ive cultivated in my loving, creative, engaged Essential SELF relationship.

Endless Growth, Boundless Possibilities, Supported by Powerful Personal Foundations.                            

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