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Essential Self Psychotherapy

Essential Self 

1:1 Counselling & Psychotherapy 


Your Deepest Needs and Desires

A Loving, engaged INNER Relationship

Empowered Emotional Awareness 

A Nourished, Embodied, Self Loving life! 


75 min 1:1 Integrated Counselling/Psychotherapy Sessions
(3 or 6 session packages & payment plans available)

Supported Mindfulness-Embodiment Practice 

Guided Emotion Focused Processes & Art Therapy Experiences

Access to Private Online Womens 'Essential Self' Community 

Integrative Therapy - Person-Centered/Emotion Focused Counselling, Creative/Expressive Psychotherapy, Cognative-Behavorial, Woman -Centered Transformational Coaching
(Delivered Online, In-Person Options)

Essential Self Psychotherapy

Together We'll 

Deep Dive into your Interior World

Bring more loving support to you Nervous system 

Map a Pathway of Authentic Meaning for your life  

Embrace the profound VALUE of your Emotions

Move to Transform your Core restrictive Patterns and Beliefs

Begin to Create REAL Change in the ways you want most

Its my Intention you'll leave this experience 

With NEW Empowered Emotional Awareness and Expression

Transforming Core restrictive Patterns and Beliefs 

Embodying your Worth and confidently creating more Visibility in your life and key relationships

Supported by NEW Nervous System and Self Care Superpowers! 

Cultivating Inner relational capacities that powerfully align you with your Authentic, Essential SELF

Essential Self Psychotherapy

Are you ready to move more
deeply into your growth? 


3 or 6 Sessions  

Payment Plans Available via 'Afterpay'

Prerequisite - Essential Self Starter Session


More Questions?

Pop them in an email below,or connect with me on Socials

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