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Supporting Women to create Embodied, Expressed,
Self Loved Lives

Woman in t-shirt holding bunch of Wildflowers

Essential Self 


Delivered via

a W H O L E Care Model

W   Woman Centered  
   Genuinely Holistic
O    Organic Integrated Approach
L     Loving Safe Spaces for Growth
   Essential Self Relating 
Jodie Davies Psychotherapist & Facilitator

Hello I'm Jodie 

 I support women through the seasons and transitions of their lives, to cultivate foundational holistic care capacities and a

deeply nourished, powerfully engaged

SELF relationship, as an essential ground for their Growth and Thriving 

"From Overwhelmed to Embodied" 

Do you recognise yourself in any of these statements?

"Im a growth focused woman, with an ever present impulse to create and step into the bigger possibilities I can sense for myself. " 

Supporting Women through

Change, Identity Shift 
Emotional Growth
Nervous System Healing and Care
Empowered Self Relating
Finding Voice & Expression
Self Nourished Leadership
Reclaiming Worth 
Exploring Purpose & Meaning 

Smiling Middle Aged Woman on a beach with a towel
Women Holding Hands on Beach

What do I most deeply desire to Feel, Share, Express, CREATE for Me?

woman  sitting on a dock looking out to sea

Woman-Centered Counselling & Psychotherapy

Woman Centered
Growth and Care 

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Programs curated with intention to support womens individual and collective growth and thriving. Offering powerfully nourishing and transformative therapeutic experiences that prioritise women's deepest needs, desires and expression, and cultivate ESSENTIAL foundational personal growth and care capacities that make a fundamental difference in women's lives.  

A Unique Integrated

Combining the integrated superpowers of Person Centered & Emotion Focused Counselling, Creative-Expressive Psychotherapy, Woman Centered Coaching and Peer support to create truly unique holistic growth and care experiences for the diverse Australian woman.


Essential SELF
 1:1 Starter Session  


Essential SELF

1:1 Deep Dive Psychotherapy Program

Open palm holding a Dandelion Flower
Smiling Woman with Flower crown, Flower over eye
Colourful Paper Collage Art by Jodie Davies

Creative Visioning  
Self- Paced Program 

Coming Soon!



Health Coach, Mama

"Jodie’s approach is beautifully unique and deeply transformational, supporting me through many seasons of my life, she's taught me to honour how I feel, connect with my deeper values and show up as my most authentic self. I'm creating a life for myself I never thought was possible"

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